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iTunes Sync v1.2 ReleasediTunes Sync v1.2 Released

June 16, 2007

iTunes Sync v1.2 has been released into the wild. This version has many requested features and some interface tweaks.

iTunes Sync

Changes for this version:

  • Added support for synching to subfolders on the MP3 player (for example, the \Music\ folder instead of just synching everything to the root)
  • Added an "Album" folder structure option (total of 4 now) that looks like this: \Album\Artist - Song.mp3
  • Renamed "Device" to "MP3 Player" throughout the website and application
  • Added a checkbox to allow synching without having to delete the files on the MP3 player first (defaults to not delete)
  • Show a warning if no MP3 players are configured when opening the "Synchronize MP3 Players" window
  • Show a warning if no MP3 players are connected when opening the "Synchronize MP3 Players" window
  • Now Highlights the "Files to Delete" box in red if it is going to delete files
iTunes Sync

Go and grab the new version of iTunes Sync right now!

iTunes Sync v1.1 ReleasediTunes Sync v1.1 Released

June 13, 2007

iTunes Sync v1.1 has been released into that wild party known as the internet. It has a ton of bug fixes and enhancements, so I recommend that everyone update to the new version. Here's a quick rundown on the changes:

  • Added 2 other folder structure types for a total of 3
    • Root: All files in the root of the drive
    • Artist: All files in folders by artist
    • Artist/Album: All files in folders by artist, then in sub-folders by album
  • Fixed a window positioning issue
  • Added icons to all the buttons for easier function recognition
  • When confirming the files to sync you can now see a list of files to be deleted/copied
  • Now has a more responsive interface during pre-sync and sync (to allow for cancelling... etc) by making the file copy asynchronous
  • During the file sync 3 new fields are shown: Current File, Time Remaining, Transfer Rate (MB/sec)
  • Now checks for other instances of iTunes Sync at startup and only allows 1 instance
  • Removed window flickering when launching the application
  • Fixed an iTunes playlist issue where iTunes Sync sometimes can't find your playlist
  • Now detects and warns when duplicate iTunes playlists are present. Duplicate playlists can lead to incorrect songs being sync'd so syncing is disabled when duplicate playlists are detected

Check out iTunes Sync today!

iTunes Sync v1.0 ReleasediTunes Sync v1.0 Released

June 10, 2007

Do you have iTunes? Do you have an iPod? I have iTunes, I don't have an iPod, but I wanted to be able to sync my MP3 player with iTunes, regardless of what brand it was... and so iTunes Sync was born. In just a few easy steps you can synchronize any iTunes playlist with any MP3 player that shows up as a drive letter in Windows (pretty much all of them do). It's as simple as 3 easy steps:

  • Setup a playlist in iTunes that you want to sync to your MP3 player
  • Configure your MP3 player in iTunes Sync by giving it a name, selecting an "identification file or folder" and selecting a playlist from iTunes
  • Now just click Synchronize and watch the magic happen!

You can configure as many different MP3 players as you need and synchronize each one with the different iTunes' playlists. Amazing! Magic! Technology!

iTunes Sync
iTunes Sync

In my quest to synchronize my MP3 player with iTunes, before I wrote iTunes Sync, I came across a fantastic application written by Jaran Nilsen called iTunes Agent. It seemed to have some of the features I needed, but I ran into occasional problems and I wanted a few extra bells and whistles... and it seems that development has been stalled for a year now, so I took matters into my own hands. And so iTunes Sync was born.

I would highly advise that you go and check out iTunes Sync right now!

ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension) v0.1 ReleasedASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension) v0.1 Released

May 19, 2007

I am proud to announce the latest piece of software to be released under the Binary Fortress umbrella: the ASP.NET ViewState Helper Fiddler Extension. This takes most of the functionality from the full ASP.NET ViewState Helper but wraps it into a neat little extension that can be used with Fidder version 2. What is Fiddler, you ask?

Fiddler is a HTTP Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler allows you to inspect all HTTP Traffic, set breakpoints, and "fiddle" with incoming or outgoing data. Fiddler includes a powerful event-based scripting subsystem, and can be extended using any .NET language. Fiddler is freeware and can debug traffic from virtually any application, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and thousands more.

It's a great little application for troubleshooting web development problems, and now it's even better with the addition of ViewState decoding.

Check it out today!

ASP.NET ViewState Helper on DotNetKicksASP.NET ViewState Helper on DotNetKicks

May 7, 2007

If you've downloaded and enjoyed the ASP.NET ViewState Helper, I invite you to "Kick It" over at DotNetKicks. Get kicking!

ASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.6 ReleasedASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.6 Released

April 23, 2007

Version 0.6 of the ASP.NET ViewState Helper is now live. It only has a couple notable changes, but it fixes some long outstanding issues:

  • Removed the 32k character limit on the manual ViewState input box
  • Now supplying x86 and x64 builds for people running 64 bit versions of Windows
ASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.6

Check it out today!

Clipboard Text ScrubberClipboard Text Scrubber

February 28, 2007

Have you ever copied and pasted text from a webpage, or anywhere else, into a document or email... only to have it retain it's crazy formatting? Well, I got sick of that, and I got tired of pasting into notepad and copying again to scrub the text clean of formatting. That's why I whipped up the Clipboard Text Scrubber. It runs in the system tray and monitors the clipboard for text. If it finds any it scrubs the formatting from it, leaving you with good old unformatted text. It can run in automatic mode or manual mode, and has a couple other clipboard related features as well.

It's worth the 300 KB download - take a look today!

ASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.5 ReleasedASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.5 Released

February 28, 2007

Version 0.5 of the ASP.NET ViewState Helper is now live. It has the most new features and bug fixes out of all the versions to date. Here's a quick rundown of the changes:

  • ViewState decoder window is now re-sizable
  • ViewState decoder window has been re-arranged to allow for better viewing
  • Now processes pages located inside frames
  • The markup size is now more accurate in relation to the pagesize and viewstate size
  • Removed the "Only check when URL changes" option, as it is the only option now
  • Added a "Check Now" option, to force a page check
  • Huge speed improvements while processing pages
ASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.5

Thanks to everyone who submitted feature requests and bug reports through email and the Discussion Forum, you made this version the most improved yet! It is much faster than the previous version, and now processes pages inside frames - fantastic! Go and check it out today - it's worth the 300k download.

1200 Downloads and Counting1200 Downloads and Counting

February 26, 2007

I originally wrote the ASP.NET ViewState Helper to help me figure out a viewstate problem I was having. So I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my logs, and saw that it has been downloaded by over 1200 other people. It has been blogged about numerous times, and has received many pingbacks. I have been a part of the .NET community since it began back with Visual Studio 2002, and I love being able to finally give something back that other people find useful. If you are a user of the ASP.NET VSH and you have any suggestions, bugs or anything else you'd like to mention, head on over to the Discussion Forum and let me know.


ASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.4 ReleasedASP.NET ViewState Helper v0.4 Released

February 26, 2007

I released v0.4 of the ASP.NET ViewState Helper into the wild on the weekend, but forgot to mention it here. I've changed a few things, to address some bugs, and added some new debug information to the status bar to help trouble-shoot future problems, should they arise. The biggest change was the modification of the way the VSH monitors the IE window. It is much more stable now, and much less prone to missing page updates. If you have any problems with the new release, be sure to let me know in the Discussion Forum.

Check it out today!