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ClipboardFusion Beta Change Log

v5.0 (Beta 5) • June 8, 2017

  • Change: ClipboardFusion Triggers! Text scrubbing has been replaced by a new and fully customizable feature. Your old settings will be converted automatically.
  • Change: You can now reorder pinned lists by dragging and dropping
  • Change: You can now delete an item from the Clipboard Manager with Shift+Delete
  • Change: When you change the Trigger Command from the tray, it will now update in the Settings window
  • Change: You can now browse to the top or bottom of the Clipboard Manager with Shift+Page Up or Shift+Page Down
  • Change: Added a HotKey to clear the Clipboard
  • Change: The Clipboard Preview now wraps text
  • Change: The Macro list has been moved into the Clipboard Manager
  • Change: New tray icons
  • Change: ClipboardFusion is now fully localized
  • Change: Text Replace now supports Regular Expressions
  • Change: Major changes to support multi-DPI scaling in Windows 10
  • Change: Improved Windows 10 compatibility (Anniversary and Creators updates)
  • Fix: Pressing enter in the query box will always select the first item
  • Fix: ClipboardManager will now reload when settings are restored
  • Fix: "Share your code with the community" link now works
  • Fix: Ampersands now show correctly in the Clipboard Manager
  • Fix: The first item will now be selected in the Clipboard Manager when it opens, regardless of where the mouse is
  • Fix: Memory usage improvements

v5.0 (Beta 4) • March 2, 2017

  • Change: The Clipboard History will now retain all entries between application start ups
  • Change: Added Local Pinned Items
  • Change: New Macro functions and Hotkeys for Local Pinned Items
  • Change: Shift+Left Click on the Clipboard Manager will set the Clipboard, but not auto-paste
  • Change: All saved Clipboard Data is now encrypted locally
  • Change: General Changes and improvements
  • Fix: Sync all Clipboard Text automatically should now work correctly
  • Fix: The Quick History Hotkey will now also paste images and file lists
  • Fix: There are now icons in the Clipboard Manager context menu
  • Fix: Keyboard Navigation in the Clipboard Manager is now more stable when the mouse is over it

v5.0 (Beta 3) • January 26, 2017

  • Change: The "Tray Settings" tab in the Settings window has been renamed to "Tray Icon Settings"
  • Change: Added a new tray click action: "Do Nothing"
  • Change: Added a new tray click action: "Open Preview Popup"
  • Change: Added an option to automatically send an "Esc" keypress when copying from Excel
  • Fix: ClipboardFusion will no longer freeze
  • Fix: ClipboardFusion will no longer cause Excel to show a "Data is too large and will be truncated" error
  • Fix: Keyboard navigation in the Clipboard Manager will now work correctly
  • Fix: The double copy scrubbing sensitivity can now be changed
  • Fix: You can now disable the scrubbing sound
  • Fix: The "Browse" button on the sound picker control will now have the correct text
  • Fix: Online tabs in the Clipboard Manager will now be hidden properly
  • Fix: The preview popup will now keep the aspect ratio of previewed images
  • Fix: You will no longer be able to select duplicate single and double click actions
  • Fix: Exporting multiple macros will now work more reliably

v5.0 (Beta 2) • December 8, 2016

  • Change: You can now customize the single click and double click tray icon actions
  • Change: You can now choose to hide the ClipboardFusion Online tabs in the pro version
  • Change: Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab now navigate the Clipboard Manager tabs
  • Change: You can now import and export multiple Macros at a time
  • Change: New Macro functions to add/edit/remove items from the Clipboard History, Online Recent, and Online Pinned items
  • Change: New Macro functions to pause and resume the Clipboard Listener
  • Change: You can now disable notifications when pinning an item from a HotKey
  • Change: New command line options to open the Settings window, and pause or resume the Clipboard Listener (-settings, -pause, -resume)
  • Change: An advanced setting was added to hide the tray icon
  • Change: ClipboardFusion Settings has been added as its own Start Menu option
  • Fix: Resolved a crashing issue when copying from Microsoft Office programs
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where you couldn't save an image from the image popup
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where toggling auto-scrub sometimes failed
  • Fix: ClipboardFusion now shows the proper tray icon when the Clipboard is empty

v5.0 (Beta 1) • December 2, 2016

  • Notice: ClipboardFusion no longer supports Windows XP or Vista. To use ClipboardFusion with these operating systems, you will need to use an older version of ClipboardFusion
  • Notice: Now requires the .NET Framework 4.6 (installed automatically if needed)
  • Change: The Clipboard History Menu and Online Item Manager have been combined as the Clipboard Manager
  • Change: The default HotKey to open the Clipboard Manager is ctrl+`
  • Change: A new and improved UI
  • Change: ClipboardFusion now supports copying files and folders
  • Change: Many new Macro functions, such as scrubbing, and ways to access your Online Pinned items
  • Change: New HotKey to access the Online Recent/Pinned items
  • Change: New HotKey to pause ClipboardFusion
  • Change: ClipboardFusion can now restore the original Clipboard contents after pasting
  • Change: You are now able to download more than one pre-made Macro at a time
  • Change: You can now drag and drop items from the Clipboard Manager
  • Change: Support for the 'Clipboard Viewer Ignore' format
  • Change: The first 10 items in each History list are numbered, and accessible with the number keys
  • Change: History list tool tips now show the source of the data, and the date it was made
  • Change: Clipboard History item size has been greatly increased
  • Change: You can now adjust the minimum time ClipboardFusion pays attention to changes on the Clipboard
  • Change: You can now remove items from the Clipboard Manager
  • Change: You can now edit Clipboard History items
  • Change: The keyboard right and left arrow now show an image preview if there is one available
  • Change: The Clipboard Manager can be set up to behave as a window
  • Change: The Clipboard Manager can now type text into a window instead of copying it
  • Change: You can now run Macros from the Clipboard Manager with the item text as the text that gets passed into the Macro
  • Change: Macro editor improvements
  • Change: You can now add your own assemblies to ClipboardFusion Macros
  • Change: General fixes and improvements
  • Fix: Resolved many crashing issues
  • Fix: Scrub Clipboard and Paste HotKey now pastes every time
  • Fix: Macro duplicating and editing issues have been resolved
  • Fix: Online Recent Item list is now updated properly
  • Fix: Online Syncing Poll Interval setting now works as intended
  • Fix: Auto-Scrub Except on Double Copy now works
  • Fix: BFS.ClipboardFusion.RunMacro function now works correctly
  • Fix: Syncing Macros no longer tries to apply HotKeys to other computers
  • Fix: Syncing Macros no longer makes duplicates
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