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ClipboardFusion Change Log

v5.8.1 • June 25, 2020

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented Macros from running in the free version
  • Note: We are aware of an image pasting issue and we're working to resolve it as quickly as possible

v5.8 • June 24, 2020

  • Change: Clipboard Manager online items now get locked during sync to prevent overwrites when editing
  • Change: Added an option to have ClipboardFusion focus the previous window before running the selected macro
  • Change: New macro scripting functions for setting the clipboard using list items
  • Change: Added the ability to filter the list on the Settings > Macros tab
  • Change: New icon for macros in the Clipboard Manager to differentiate them better from the history items
  • Change: Added a new command line option (-portable) to force ClipboardFusion to look in the current directory for the history database
  • Change: Added an "Open in Browser" option to the right-click menu for Clipboard Manager items that contain URLs
  • Change: Items are now cached in the database instead of separate files
  • Change: Added an option to allow the numpad for the quick history/pinned item hotkeys
  • Change: Added an option to save to disk in the context menu for images in the Clipboard Manager
  • Fix: History limit setting no longer applies to local pinned items
  • Fix: Exporting macro to file now works correctly
  • Fix: Fixed up a handle/memory leak
  • Fix: "Show tooltips in Clipboard Manager lists" no longer gets disabled when changing languages
  • Fix: Macros removed via the Clipboard Manager no longer get re-added when syncing is disabled
  • Fix: Improved opening speed for the Clipboard Manager
  • Fix: Clipboard Manager now ignores the taskbar when determining the last focused window
  • Fix: Edit Item dialog now gets scroll bars automatically if needed
  • Fix: Last focused window in Clipboard Manager now updates correctly
  • Fix: Clipboard history no longer adds duplicate image entries when closing Microsoft Paint

v5.7 • December 19, 2019

  • Change: Added options to remove whitespace before and after each line
  • Change: All items in the Clipboard Manager now have icons, not just image/file items
  • Change: Items 0-9 in the Clipboard Manager now have a type icon as well
  • Change: Added date/time to image items in the Clipboard Manager
  • Change: Added a few programs to the "Ignore Programs" list by default for fresh installs
  • Change: Added some new functions to the BFS.ClipboardFusion namespace for Macros
  • Fix: Tray icon History menu now updates correctly when items are automatically cleared
  • Fix: "Help with functions" link in the Macro editor now goes to the correct page
  • Fix: Tray icon no longer shows the syncing icon when syncing is disabled
  • Fix: Auto-paste now works for website forms in Edge (UWP)
  • Fix: Window title in status bar for Clipboard Manager now truncates to prevent the text from getting too small
  • Fix: Online Recent Items should no longer get arbitrarily re-ordered
  • Fix: Limiting the Recent/Online Items in the Settings should now work correctly
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where the History would break if empty whitespace was copied
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where deleting items quickly with the keyboard didn't work correctly
  • Fix: Pinned Items should no longer move if you right-click and then left-click a different slot
  • Fix: Resolved a cross-thread crash

v5.6 • May 22, 2019

  • Change: Moved the 'Don't select the first list item' (for one-key navigation) option to the main Settings window (Settings > Clipboard Manager tab)
  • Change: Tray menu for local History/Pinned Items will now show image thumbnails
  • Change: 'Sync All Online Items and Show Popup' and 'Sync All Online Items' will now show a notification if the items are already fully synced
  • Fix: Resolved an issue running Triggers with Run Macro actions in some cases
  • Fix: First image tooltip now shows correctly
  • Fix: Tooltips in Macros tray menu correctly positioned and no longer blink
  • Fix: Clipboard Manager search now searches friendly names (Item alias) in addition to Item content
  • Fix: Tooltips in tray menu no longer blink
  • Fix: Macros now run quicker, especially when called from other Macros

v5.5.1 • February 23, 2019

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused ClipboardFusion to silently crash in certain situations

v5.5 • February 21, 2019

  • Change: Push syncing improvements
  • Change: New Macro function to open a listview window with filter (BFS.Dialog.GetUserInputListViewWithFilter)
  • Fix: UI no longer hangs during a sync
  • Fix: Settings restore now restores and binds the hotkeys correctly
  • Fix: General fixes and improvements

v5.4.1 • July 9, 2018

  • Change: Push syncing improvements
  • Change: New option to disable tooltips for the Clipboard Manager and Tray menus
  • Fix: HotKey Trigger Actions will no longer disappear on startup
  • Fix: Tooltips in the Tray menus will no longer blink/flash
  • Fix: The "Scrub line breaks within text" checkbox now works correctly
  • Fix: General fixes and improvements

v5.4 • June 28, 2018

  • Notice: Now requires the .NET Framework 4.6.1 (installed automatically if needed)
  • Change: Syncing improvements
  • Fix: The Clipboard Manager window will no longer appear blank
  • Fix: General improvements and bug fixes

v5.3 • January 25, 2018

  • Change: All online items are now synced instantly using realtime push syncing
  • Change: Syncing improvements
  • Change: When deleting an item with Shift+Delete, ClipboardFusion will now automatically select the next item in the Clipboard Manager
  • Change: The ClipboardFusion database (that contains your history and local pinned items) can now be backed up and restored
  • Fix: You can now delete Macros from the Clipboard Manager
  • Fix: ClipboardFusion will now properly handle text with over 5000 characters
  • Fix: ClipboardFusion will now properly clear its cache files
  • Fix: Tray Item Menus will now display ampersand (&) characters properly
  • Fix: Tray History Menu will now be trimmed properly
  • Fix: The trigger command "Enabled Except on Double Copy" will now work correctly when copying text with a context menu
  • Fix: The ClipboardFusion database will now automatically trim itself to reduce its file size
  • Fix: Minor improvements and bug fixes

v5.2.1 • November 14, 2017

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused some UI elements to be incorrectly translated

v5.2 • November 13, 2017

  • Change: General fixes and improvements
  • Fix: HotKeys will now be bound properly after restoring the Settings
  • Fix: The Clipboard Manager will now center on the Desktop correctly
  • Fix: Triggers will now properly ignore programs on the "Ignore Programs" list
  • Fix: One-key navigation will now properly loop back to the top of the focused list
  • Fix: "Move Down" option for the Online Pinned Item list will now work properly

v5.1.1 • October 6, 2017

  • Change: You can now use the Clipboard Manager to paste to the Desktop
  • Change: Pressing Shift+Enter in the Clipboard Manager will now set the Clipboard with the selected item, but not paste
  • Change: Open Clipboard Manager Tab item in the Tray Menu lists has been moved to the top of the list
  • Change: Advanced Setting added to allow the first item to be ignored when using One Key Navigation
  • Fix: The "Move Down" option for the Online Pinned Items now works currently
  • Fix: Clipboard Manager Paste Target label now clears properly
  • Fix: Tray Menu Lists now show an empty item when the list is empty
  • Fix: Online Tray Menu Lists are now hidden when using the free version, or when syncing is disabled
  • Fix: The first item can now be selected with One Key Navigation enabled

v5.1 • October 4, 2017

  • Change: First 10 Items of the Clipboard History added to the tray menu
  • Change: First 10 Items of the Local Pinned Menu added to the tray menu
  • Change: Online Recent Items added to the tray menu
  • Change: Online Pinned Items added to the tray menu
  • Change: Macros added to the tray menu
  • Change: HotKey error messages will no longer show when syncing
  • Change: Duplicate Macro names are no longer allowed
  • Change: UI Improvements
  • Fix: BFS.Dialog.GetUserInputList has been fixed
  • Fix: Triggers with a scrubbing action will no longer clear the Clipboard when there is no text
  • Fix: The Settings window will no longer stop responding when importing multiple Macros
  • Fix: Menu items in the Preview Popup window are now localized
  • Fix: The tray menu will now open in the correct spot
  • Fix: Default Database Location button in the Settings window now uses the correct path
  • Fix: You can now edit a Macro from the Clipboard Manager
  • Fix: Editing items no longer gets rid of leading and trailing whitespace
  • Fix: General fixes and improvements

v5.0 • September 28, 2017

  • Notice: ClipboardFusion no longer supports Windows XP or Vista. To use ClipboardFusion with these operating systems, you will need to use an older version of ClipboardFusion
  • Notice: Now requires the .NET Framework 4.6 (installed automatically if needed)
  • Change: The Clipboard History Menu and Online Item Manager have been combined as the Clipboard Manager
  • Change: ClipboardFusion Triggers! Text scrubbing has been replaced by a new and fully customizable feature. Your old settings will be converted automatically.
  • Change: The default HotKey to open the Clipboard Manager is ctrl+`
  • Change: ClipboardFusion now supports copying files and folders
  • Change: The first 10 items in each History list are numbered, and accessible with the number keys
  • Change: Clipboard History item size has been greatly increased
  • Change: The Clipboard Manager can be set up to behave as a window
  • Change: The Clipboard Manager can now type text into a window instead of copying it
  • Change: You can now customize the single click and double click tray icon actions
  • Change: The Clipboard History will now retain all entries between application start ups
  • Change: Added Local Pinned Items
  • Change: All saved Clipboard Data is now encrypted locally
  • Change: ClipboardFusion is now fully localized
  • Change: Major changes to support multi-DPI scaling in Windows 10
  • Change: Improved Windows 10 compatibility (Anniversary and Creators updates)
  • Change: You can now drag and drop items from the Clipboard Manager
  • Change: You can now edit Clipboard History items
  • Change: New command line options to open the Settings window, and pause or resume the Clipboard Listener (-settings, -pause, -resume)
  • Change: Shift+Left Click on the Clipboard Manager will set the Clipboard, but not auto-paste
  • Change: You can now reorder pinned lists by dragging and dropping
  • Change: The Macro list has been moved into the Clipboard Manager
  • Change: New tray icons
  • Change: Text Replace now supports Regular Expressions
  • Change: Quick Select for Local Pinned and History Menu are now a free feature
  • Change: The Macro list now show which Macros are being used by Triggers and Tray Click Actions
  • Change: Macro editor improvements
  • Change: You can now add your own assemblies to ClipboardFusion Macros
  • Change: New Macro functions to scrub text
  • Change: New Macro functions to add/edit/remove items from the Clipboard History, Online Recent, and Online Pinned items
  • Change: New Macro functions to pause and resume the Clipboard Listener
  • Change: New Macro functions and Hotkeys for Local Pinned Items
  • Change: New Macro Functions to access the selected list and selected item in the Clipboard Manager
  • Change: New HotKey: Clear Clipboard Contents
  • Change: New HotKey: Pause/Resume ClipboardFusion
  • Change: New HotKey: Toggle Excel Escape after Copy
  • Change: New HotKey: Show Default Item Menu
  • Change: New HotKey: Show Default Item Menu with Query TextBox Focused
  • Change: New Hotkey: Show Preview Popup
  • Change: You are now able to download more than one pre-made Macro at a time
  • Change: Support for the 'Clipboard Viewer Ignore' format
  • Change: History List tooltips now show the source of the data, and the date it was made
  • Change: You can now adjust the minimum time ClipboardFusion pays attention to changes on the Clipboard
  • Change: You can now run Macros from the Clipboard Manager with the item text as the text that gets passed into the Macro
  • Change: You can now choose to hide the ClipboardFusion Online tabs in the pro version
  • Change: You can now import and export multiple Macros at a time
  • Change: You can now disable notifications when pinning an item from a HotKey
  • Change: The Clipboard Preview now wraps text
  • Change: "Double Copy" and "Not on Double Copy" trigger command improvements
  • Change: Clipboard Manager list items that contain only whitespace now have text labelling them as "[Whitespace]"
  • Change: You can now disable the Clear Clipboard History prompt
  • Change: The Clipboard Preview Popup now has title text
  • Change: Better support for transparent images
  • Fix: Resolved many crashing issues
  • Fix: Scrub Clipboard and Paste HotKey now pastes every time
  • Fix: Macro duplicating and editing issues have been resolved
  • Fix: Online Recent Item list is now updated properly
  • Fix: Online Syncing Poll Interval setting now works as intended
  • Fix: Auto-Scrub Except on Double Copy now works
  • Fix: BFS.ClipboardFusion.RunMacro function now works correctly
  • Fix: Syncing Macros no longer tries to apply HotKeys to other computers
  • Fix: Syncing Macros no longer makes duplicates
  • Fix: Resolved a crashing issue when copying from Microsoft Office programs
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where you couldn't save an image from the image popup
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where toggling auto-scrub sometimes failed
  • Fix: ClipboardFusion will no longer freeze
  • Fix: ClipboardFusion will no longer cause Excel to show a "Data is too large and will be truncated" error
  • Fix: The preview popup will now keep the aspect ratio of previewed images
  • Fix: You will no longer be able to select duplicate single and double click actions
  • Fix: Sync all Clipboard Text automatically should now work correctly
  • Fix: "Share your code with the community" link now works
  • Fix: Excel "Image is too large" error will no longer show when ClipboardFusion is running
  • Fix: ClipboardFusion now copies data from OneNote correctly
  • Fix: BFS.Dialog.GetUserInputList will now display correctly
  • Fix: Online Syncing fixes

v4.2 • December 2, 2015

  • Change: Added the ability to assign hotkeys for pasting History items 1-9
  • Change: Clipboard syncing improvements
  • Change: General UI Improvements
  • Change: You can now search your Recent and Pinned Clipboard Items
  • Change: Increased the number of viewable Recent and Pinned Clipboard Items from 50 to 75
  • Change: You can now preview colours by hovering over them in the Clipboard History
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where the image preview overlapped the tray menu
  • Fix: The ClipboardFusion Online login will no longer be off the screen at high DPI settings
  • Fix: The copy button on the Macros tab in the Settings Window will now work
  • Fix: HTML colours that start with a '#' will now be detected
  • Fix: The "Show a message when clearing the Clipboard History" option will now work correctly

v4.1 • September 14, 2015

  • Fix: Improved the speed of the Popup Window with images
  • Fix: Resolved some DPI scaling issues in Windows 10
  • Fix: Clearing the clipboard will no longer cause issues with images in the Clipboard History
  • Fix: The Tray Icon will now update correctly when selecting Clipboard History and Online Items
  • Fix: Resolved some issues with the Clipboard History menus

v4.0 • September 4, 2015

  • Change: Fully Windows 10 tested and compatible
  • Change: ClipboardFusion will now show a preview of the current clipboard contents when middle-clicking the Tray Icon
  • Change: Added a HotKey to open the Quick History Menu to the first Clipboard History Item
  • Change: Macros can now have a description
  • Change: Added the ability to order the Text Replace rules
  • Change: Added support for per-monitor DPI scaling
  • Change: Added many new scripting functions
  • Change: ClipboardFusion can now interact with elevated applications
  • Change: General stability and performance improvements
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where items sometimes auto-pasted from the tray clipboard history

v3.5 • July 17, 2015

  • Change: Colours in the tray Clipboard History menu and Quick Clipboard History menu now show a preview
  • Change: BFSendKey improvements, added a new modifier for Japanese keyboards
  • Change: Text scrubbing improvements
  • Change: Syncing improvements
  • Fix: Macros will now import properly

v3.4 • June 15, 2015

  • Change: Added options to scrub line breaks and tabs from the beginning and end of text
  • Change: Added a dozen new macro scripting functions
  • Fix: Fixed issues with automatically copying and pasting on 32-bit machines
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the quick history menu didn't scroll properly
  • Fix: Fixed an issue that caused some keys to not be presssed correctly by the macros

v3.3.1 • May 25, 2015

  • Fix: Fixed up the "Scrub line breaks" and "Scrub tabs" options
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where auto-paste didn't work on some non-English versions of Windows
  • Fix: Resolved an issue that broke macros that use "System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlDecode"

v3.3 • May 20, 2015

  • Change: Macros that return a null value will not fail, instead they will not modify the Clipboard
  • Change: New macro API functions
  • Change: SendKeys improvements
  • Change: Added an option to clear the Clipboard History after being idle for a time
  • Change: Added an option to clear the Clipboard after being idle for a time
  • Change: Added controls to clear all of the Pinned and Recent Online Clipboard Items from your account

v3.2 • March 4, 2015

  • Change: Added a new hotkey to sync with your ClipboardFusion Online account
  • Fix: Improved BFS.Input.SendKey functionality
  • Fix: Greatly improved macro performance
  • Fix: General UI Improvements

v3.1.1 • January 2, 2015

  • Fix: Improved compatibility with applications that don't release their clipboard locks correctly
  • Fix: Fixed some minor issues

v3.1 • December 18, 2014

  • Change: Added notifications for new recent and pinned items from other devices
  • Fix: Improved clipboard integration
  • Fix: Improved history menu navigation

v3.0.9 • August 13, 2014

  • Change: Added an all-new Macro editor, with dozens of new Macro functions to use

v3.0.8 • July 3, 2014

  • Change: Added a new MacroAPI Function: SendKeys
  • Change: Significantly improved the Macro Editor window
  • Fix: Adding new sync items quickly no longer skips some items
  • Fix: After 15 failed consecutive login attempts, ClipboardFusion will stop trying to sync until you re-enter your password to prevent your account from being locked on the server

v3.0.7 • June 18, 2014

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that may prevent items from being deleted on the first attempt
  • Fix: Improved UI compatibility when Font Scaling is enabled in Windows

v3.0.6 • June 16, 2014

  • Change: Added an option to toggle the tray icon single-click for disabling scrubbing
  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented some items from being deleted in the "Manage Items" window
  • Fix: Resolved an issue with pasting text into RDP windows

v3.0.5 • May 2, 2014

  • Change: Now uses the new Binary Fortress Software standard icons
  • Fix: No longer shows an error for every failed sync
  • Fix: General performance, compatibility and UI improvements

v3.0.4 • January 31, 2014

  • Change: "ClipboardFusion Online" is now called "Clipboard Syncing"
  • Change: New HotKey: "Manage synced recent/pinned items"
  • Fix: Scrubbed times being detected as HTML colour codes
  • Fix: General performance, compatibility and UI improvements

v3.0.3 • October 16, 2013

  • Fix: "Growl for Windows" compatibility improvements
  • Fix: New recent items are no longer hidden when you have more than 1000 items

v3.0.2 • October 7, 2013

  • Change: Added "Growl for Windows" integration (enabled by default if you have Growl for Windows installed)
  • Fix: Deleted "Text Replace" items no longer reappear
  • Fix: Small performance and stability improvements

v3.0.1 • September 11, 2013

  • Fix: Zero-length strings are no longer synced with ClipboardFusion Online

v3.0 • August 21, 2013

  • Change: Added the current text scrubbing mode to the Tray Icon Tool Tip
  • Change: Improved double-copy sensitivity controls
  • Change: Improved Online Item management
  • Change: Selecting a Clipboard History Item now moves it to the top of the Clipboard History
  • Change: Added a timestamp to the history menu tool tips
  • Change: A history menu item that contains HTML or BBCode now has a different icon for quick reference
  • Change: Increased the Clipboard History item limit from 50 to 300
  • Change: Improved Clipboard History functionality
  • Change: Added an option to import and export ClipboardFusion macros to and from a file
  • Change: Added new MacroAPI functions
  • Change: Added new HotKey functions
  • Change: The Quick History Menu can now paste selected items into the previously selected window
  • Change: Clipboard history in the Quick History Menu can now be searched
  • Change: Users can now navigate through the Quick History menu by continuously pressing its HotKey
  • Change: The Quick History Menu now has a link to the settings window
  • Change: Clipboard history now support images
  • Change: ClipboardFusion can now Add, Edit, Delete, Pin and Unpin online items from within the application
  • Change: Pinned Items can now have a short name
  • Change: Greatly improved the macro editor window
  • Change: ClipboardFusion now has the ability to install macros directly from ClipboardFusion Online
  • Change: ClipboardFusion Macros now sync to ClipboardFusion Online
  • Change: Split the Scrub Whitespace option into two separate scrubbing options: scrub line breaks and scrub white space
  • Change: A new scrub option has been added: Auto scrub except on double-copy
  • Change: You can now customize the number of items that are shown in the history menus
  • Change: Added a Backup Settings button
  • Change: A single left-click on the ClipboardFusion tray icon now disables or enables auto-scrubbing
  • Change: Users can now select and de-select individual text replace rules
  • Fix: Resolved an issue with the Macro Editor window when font scaling is enabled
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where duplicated images were being added to the history menu
  • Fix: Resolved an issue when copying data from Excel
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where ClipboardFusion would ignore clipboard changes from certain programs
  • Fix: Recent items will no longer duplicate
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where the Quick History Menu wasn't updating
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where Macros failed to copy text sometimes
  • Fix: Macro HotKeys now bind and unbind successfully
  • Fix: ClipboardFusion no longer locks an image file when cutting and pasting in windows explorer

v2.1 • July 18, 2012

  • Changed: Added a new Macro API function: CFOGetSavedText(int index, out string text)
  • Changed: Added a new Macro API function: GetUserValue(string title, string value, out string text)
  • Changed: Added a new Macro API function: GetLastHistoryText(out string text)
  • Changed: Added a new Macro API function: GetHistoryText(int index, out string text)
  • Changed: Added a new Macro API function: ShowMessageInfo(string message)
  • Changed: Added a new Macro API function: ShowMessageError(string message)
  • Fix: Various bug fixes and UI improvements

v2.0.6 • January 5, 2011

  • Changed: History HotKey menu now shows online recent and pinned items too
  • Fixed: Enter key now works for selecting an item in the History menu
  • Fixed: The History menu doesn't disappear as quickly when the mouse leaves the menu
  • Fixed: General compatibility, performance and stability improvements

v2.0.5 • February 18, 2011

  • Changed: Added a new HotKey: "Show History Menu" for showing the history menu at the current mouse cursor location
  • Fixed: The tray context menu now opens on the correct monitor when monitors are stacked vertically
  • Fixed: A small bug sometimes caused ClipboardFusion to pause when scrubbing, causing some applications to momentarily freeze
  • Fixed: Memory and performance improvements
  • Fixed: Stability improvements

v2.0.4 • September 2, 2010

  • Fixed: Some stability issues have been cleared up
  • Fixed: Some UI font scaling issues have been cleared up for people with higher DPI settings

v2.0.3 • August 18, 2010

  • Changed: Uses a new one-click auto-updater
  • Changed: Macro test strings are now saved on a per-Macro basis for easier editing/testing later
  • Changed: Macro editor now has Undo/Redo buttons
  • Changed: Macro editor test results can now be split horizontally or vertically
  • Changed: Added an option to toggle tray icon double-click to scrub text
  • Changed: New MacroAPI Function: RunMacro
  • Changed: Now easier to select applications to ignore
  • Fixed: Sometimes using the CopyText or PasteText MacroAPI functions didn't work as expected
  • Fixed: Sometimes the Macro Editor window wouldn't redraw properly
  • Fixed: The Escape key no longer closes the Macro Editor window
  • Fixed: Macros are now sorted properly in the Settings window and the tray context menu
  • Fixed: Macro editor test string and test results boxes now accept CTRL + A

v2.0.2 • June 12, 2010

  • Changed: Macro editor window now remembers it's size and location
  • Changed: Added a "Help" link to the Macro editor window that shows help for the available MacroAPI Functions
  • Changed: New MacroAPI Function: ClearClipboard
  • Changed: New MacroAPI Function: CopyText
  • Changed: New MacroAPI Function: SaveTextToCFO
  • Changed: The Text Replace "Match Text" now supports special characters (same as the "Replace Text")
  • Fixed: Logging into the Online service doesn't timeout occasionally under certain conditions anymore

v2.0.1 • June 7, 2010

  • Changed: Macro editor now has syntax highlighting
  • Changed: Macro editor now shows line numbers to help with debugging
  • Changed: Macro editor window is now re-sizable
  • Changed: Macro editor now supports Visual Basic (VB.Net) as well as C#
  • Changed: Added a link to the new online Macros section in the Settings window
  • Changed: When a HotKey can't be set, you now have the option to correct this before closing the Settings window
  • Changed: Text Replace now supports special characters (new line, tab... etc)
  • Changed: Added a "Clipboard History" feature that is accessible through the tray icon
  • Fixed: Disabling auto-scrubbing now stays disabled when re-opening the Settings window
  • Fixed: No longer clears items from tray context menu when manually refreshing with no changes
  • Fixed: Double-copy scrubbing now works correctly with Microsoft Excel

v2.0 • May 13, 2010

  • Changed: Added a new Online service to sync your clipboard with other computers and devices
  • Changed: Added fully programmable Macros to manipulate the clipboard contents any way you can imagine
  • Changed: Added 9 new HotKeys for power-users who like to use keyboard shortcuts
  • Changed: Text scrubbing now lets you scrub white space from the beginning and/or end of the clipboard text
  • Changed: Text scrubbing now has a double-copy mode, where nothing is scrubbed unless you copy the text twice
  • Fixed: Tons of bug fixes, no longer mysteriously stops working sometimes

v1.5 • January 18, 2010

  • Changed: Added an option to ignore empty HTML tags ("<>") when scrubbing HTML tags
  • Changed: Added an option to play a sound when scrubbing (comes with a default sound, but can be set to any .wav file)
  • Changed: Added an option to replace matching text strings with other strings (ex: can replace the special quotes from MS Office with normal ASCII quotes)
  • Changed: Added an optional hotkey to scrub the clipboard
  • Changed: Added an optional hotkey to toggle automatic scrubbing on/off
  • Changed: Added the ability to not scrub text put on the clipboard by certain applications (specify the programs on the "Ignore Programs" tab)
  • Fixed: Fixed some minor threading issues that affected the popup window

v1.4.1 • February 25, 2008

  • Added: Menu item to show the preview popup window manually
  • Changed: System tray icon now "lights up" when any data is present on the clipboard, not just text
  • Fixed: Minor bug in the image saving that prevented the save from happening in rare situations

v1.4 • February 24, 2008

  • Almost completely rewritten with tons of new features, and many bug fixes

v1.3.2 • December 4, 2007

  • Posted updated builds with an installer and zipped version

v1.3.1 • August 15, 2007

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the "Clear Clipboard" menu option to not do anything
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an infinite loop (Thanks to Carsten on the Discussions for finding this bug)
  • Changed the icons (again) to something with more contrast

v1.3 • August 6, 2007

  • Made the clipboard change detection smarter, so that it won't give so many "scrubbing" notifications

v1.2.1 • July 31, 2007

  • Double-clicking on the system tray icon scrubs the text on the clipboard

v1.2 • July 30, 2007

  • Removed the "invalid format" message when non-text data is on the clipboard, it was annoying
  • Now saves application settings so you don't have to keep setting it up every time
  • New application icons
  • Significant memory usage reduction
  • Provides HTML scrubbing - this will remove any HTML tags from your clipboard
  • Setup now detects whether you need to install the .NET Framework 2.0 and will open a download page automatically

v1.1 • June 18, 2007

  • Switched message boxes to tray balloons because they are less intrusive
  • Added an "About" and "Help" item to the menu
  • Renamed "Close" menu item to "Exit"
  • Re-jigged the order of the menu items
  • Bumped version from 1.1 to match new versioning scheme

v0.1 • February 28, 2007

  • First public version