Nearly every feature in ClipboardFusion can be fully automated. However, if you like more control over your clipboard you can assign HotKeys to perform all the actions of ClipboardFusion manually.

Here are some of the HotKeys that you can use:
  • Scrub clipboard text now
  • Toggle text auto-scrubbing mode on/off
  • Toggle text replace on/off
  • Toggle Macros on/off
  • Toggle Clipboard Syncing on/off
  • Toggle Clipboard Syncing auto-save on/off
  • Save current clipboard text to your Binary Fortress Account
  • Assign a HotKey to each Macro
  • Assign a HotKey to each Pinned Item from your Binary Fortress Account account

You can configure these HotKeys to use any key combination that works best for you, you have complete control.


Settings > HotKeys Tab
Settings > HotKeys Tab
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