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Clipboard Syncing

Clipboard Syncing will turn your clipboard into a multiple-device, text-sharing monster. For example, you can copy a customer's address on your desktop computer, turn around and paste it on your mobile phone.

You can "pin" your clipboard items, marking them as important and saving them for later. Assign a HotKey to your pinned items, and you've got the power of using up to 10 clipboard items with the quick press of a key.

Manage your ClipboardFusion Online items through ClipboardFusion, or login to your Binary Fortress Account and manage everything online. It's all sync'd and shared anywhere you use ClipboardFusion

Sync with Android, Apple iOS, Windows 10 Universal, and more. Sharing your clipboard with all of your devices has never been easier!

Register for a Binary Fortress Account to begin using Clipboard Syncing today!


Settings > Clipboard Syncing Tab
Mobile App: Side Menu
Mobile App: Pinned Items
Mobile App: Recent Items