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When you're using ClipboardFusion and you need more power than the basic features have to offer, you need Macros. Macros are full code, and only your imagination is the limit. You can write your Macro in C# or Visual Basic, and you have the full .NET Framework at your command.

Here is just a small taste of the things that you can do with a Macro:

  • Parse your clipboard text and clean-up invalid HTML tags
  • Look for order numbers, and add a prefix and suffix (ex: turn "012521" into "PO012521_ORDER")
  • Look for postal codes, ZIP codes, phone numbers or anything else, and extract them into a text file - just by copying the text to your clipboard!

If you want to take advantage of Macros, but you're not a software developer, don't worry! There are plenty of pre-made Macros available for download.


Settings > Macros Tab
Pre-made Macro Downloader
Macro Editor