Clipboard Manager

The Clipboard Manager allows for quick and easy access to all of your Clipboard History, Pinned Items, Online Items, and custom Macros. Not only does the window host all of these lists, but through it you can access all of these items to set the Clipboard, or even paste the data into your active window!

The Clipboard Manager can be opened at anytime with a key combination, making it easy to access all of your information from the tips of your fingers! While you have the manager open you can quickly navigate through item menues with keyboard shortcuts, select the first 10 items, search through your items; or use your mouse to drag your items around.

You can also right click each item from the lists to get access to more options and functionality. Through the Clipboard Manager Item Menu, you can pin, edit, delete, set the Clipboard, type text to your active window, run a custom Macro on the selected item, and more!

The Clipboard Manager was built with flexability in mind. It has many options that let you adjust the behaviour of the window. You can have it behave like a context menu, opening at your cursor location and closing when you select an item. You can also set it up to behave like a widget - always have it open at the same place over your other windows, ready to be used when you need it. You can even have it snap to the edges of your monitors!


Settings > Clipboard Manager Tab
Settings > Clipboard Manager Tab
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