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December 5, 2007

Do you wish you could use your favourite Binary Fortress Software application without having to install it? Perhaps you want to take it on a USB key to your friends house, or perhaps you just don't like installing software. Well, now you don't need to install anything. I have repackaged 4 of my applications as zip files so you won't need to install them.

I will be updating some other applications very shortly, so if you don't see your favourite listed here don't worry. For everyone that does like to install an application before using it, don't worry. The installer versions are still available and always will be.

Happy Downloading!


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Jason says:
Fantastic, man. I *love* being able to run apps w/o having to install them. Thanks for providing people with the option!

(Oh and, yeah, the new theme IS growing on me. I had a feeling it would.)
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