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Show Local Pinned Items causes paste of item 1

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Shaun Louw
54 discussion posts
Please see attached video (Attachment 01)
I have this set:
Settings > Hotkeys > Show Local Pinned Item > Ctrl-F11
(Attachment 02 Hotkeys)
When I hit the hotkey the Clipboard Manager shows with the Local Pinned tab as expected.
But the first pinned item is also pasted for some reason.
Note1 - I have separate hotkeys to copy selected text to local pinned items (Attachment03 Macros).
Note2 - This may be related to another case I have open
Losing Focus immediately when bring up Locally Pinned Items via hotkey

Note3 I ALSO have hotkeys setup to paste the Local Pinned itmes with
where X = 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/0
(Attachment 04 Clipboard History)
• Attachment: 01 Paste on Ctril-F11.mp4 [2,329,060 bytes]
• Attachment: 02 Settings Hotkeys.png [51,146 bytes]
02 Settings Hotkeys.png
• Attachment: 03 Settings Macros.png [53,357 bytes]
03 Settings Macros.png
• Attachment: 04 Settings Clipboard History.png [45,653 bytes]
04 Settings Clipboard History.png
3 days ago (modified 3 days ago)  • #1
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