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Where is The Pinned Items File Location?

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Sonny Salas
4 discussion posts
Hello! Thank you for the Clipboard Fusion for being very useful and beneficial for productivity.

Just curius, editing pinned items one by one through Clipboard Fusion application can be a lot of work. Is there any way to edit them faster? Was thinking about where is the pinned items file / data location stored so I can edit them through there using notepad or database software.

I used both online and offline pinned. Online pinned is easier, was looking for the way for the offline pinned because I also need to edit the display name not only the clipboard stored.

Thank you!
5 days ago  • #1
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C# Clouseau
30 discussion posts
In Settings, Clipboard History, I read for the Database Location (default):
and there you will find this file:
Is that where you are looking for?
No idea how to open it.
5 days ago  • #2
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
@C#Clouseau is correct, that's the default location for the database. It's encrypted so it can't be opened though.

We could have the "Edit" and "Edit Name" buttons combined into 1 window for easier editing, so I've added this to our feature request list.

4 days ago  • #3
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