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Adrián Flores60377
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I was wondering if there was I way for me to share my local pinned items with some of my coworkers, since most of them are very useful for the work we all do.

I have been looking at the db file saved in %LOCALAPPDATA%\ClipboardFusion but I'm not sure if this would work or how to go about using this file for sharing purposes.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
May 23, 2018  • #1
Thomas Malloch (BFS)'s profile on
Sorry for the late reply! I put two Macros together that will import and export ClipboardFusion Items to and from any of your lists. Here's how to get them into ClipboardFusion:
  • Download the files attached to this email, then repeat the next steps for each Macro
  • Open the ClipboardFusion Settings window
  • On the "Macros" tab, click the "Import" button
  • Select a file you downloaded in the first step
  • In the window that pops up, you can review the code and assign the Macro a HotKey
  • Click OK to close the Macro Edit window, then OK again to save and apply your changes

I hope these Macros work for you!
• Attachment: ClipboardFusion Item Exporter.cfmacro [42,416 bytes]
• Attachment: ClipboardFusion Item Importer.cfmacro [44,824 bytes]
May 30, 2018 (modified May 30, 2018)  • #2
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