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[Script] Download video from YouTube

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So, we're going to need youtube-dl. The latest version can be downloaded here:, or if you use python, you can get youtube-dl using pip pip install --upgrade youtube-dl.
If you just want to download the video in the 720p default format, all you have to do is set your path to the youtube-dl.exe and directory to save files.
If you want a different quality of audio or video, you should read and understand the format of the arguments. You can find the readme here:, you'll also need ffmpeg to merge video and audio files. ffmpeg can be found here: Copy the ffmpeg.exe from the bin directory to the directory where youtube-dl.exe is stored.

I tried to comment on all the code for those who don't understand C#, and I hope the comments are clear. :)


using System;

// 'youtube-dl' you can find here: (

// For some additional options may need 'ffmpeg' and you can find it here: (
// Copy ffmpeg from the bin directory to a dir where 'youtube-dl.exe' stored

public static class ClipboardFusionHelper
    public static string ProcessText(string url)
        // Check that url is a link to youtube
        if(url.Contains("") || url.Contains(""))
            // Set your path to youtube-dl. For example (@"C:\YouTube-Download\youtube-dl.exe")
            var binPath = @"HERE'S_YOUR_PATH_TO_YOUTUBE-DL.EXE";
            // Set your dir where the downloaded files will be saved. For example (@"C:\My YT Saved Video")
            var pathToFiles = @"HERE'S_YOUR_PATH_TO_THE_SAVED_FILES";
            // Set format to save files see ( for more help
            var fullPath = System.IO.Path.Combine(pathToFiles, "%(title)s.%(ext)s");
            // Simple download 720p mp4 video does not require ffmpeg
            var arg = string.Format(@"-o ""{0}"" --no-playlist -q -f best {1}", fullPath, url);
            // If you want to use other parameters, a different quality video or audio, like a next line,
            // look ( to see what option you need.
            // And make sure what you have 'ffmpeg' in 'youtube-dl' directory.
//            var arg =
//              string.Format(@"-o ""{0}"" --no-playlist --no-mtime -w -q -f bestvideo+bestaudio {1}",
//                fullPath, url);
            // Run youtube-dl
            var appId = BFS.Application.Start(binPath, arg);
            // Get youtube-dl window handle
            var hWnd = BFS.Application.GetMainWindowByAppID(appId);
            // Because youtube-dl is a console app, hide it's window
            BFS.Window.SetWindowStyle(BFS.WindowEnum.WindowStyle.WS_DISABLED, hWnd);
            // Wait for the application to complete
                // Show message
                BFS.Dialog.ShowMessageInfo("Work completed");
                // And\or you can show dir with downloaded files
//                BFS.Application.Start(pathToFiles);
        // If url not youtube link show message
        else BFS.Dialog.ShowMessageInfo("It's not youtube link");

        return null;
Apr 4, 2017 (modified Apr 4, 2017)  • #1
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