Repeatadly scrubbing text on copy

Andrew Barker
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I have been using ClipboardFusion (I even think it had a different name before?) for years on multiple computers without issue. It has always done exactly what I wanted it to. Recently I got a new computer and the behaviour seems to have changed. I'm not sure if it's the more up-to-date version or something on the PC or what.

If I enable auto-scrub, and I copy text, ClipboardFusion seems to hang. To try to figure out what was going on, I enabled the "always show a message when scubbing" and what appears to be happening is that it's repeatadly scrubbing the text. The pop-up flashes on and off forever. My system becomes unstable. The only way to stop it is to kill the process. Once I do that and my system returns to normal, If I paste the text it did get scrubbed.

Strangely, if I enable auto-scrub only on double copy, everything works fine. Pop-up comes up once then goes away.

I've tried closing all applications and as many background processes as I can and the problem persists.

Any ideas?
Mar 15, 2013  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
On the Settings > Options tab, can you enable the debug logging option, then reproduce the issue and send us the log? That should show what program it was trying to scrub and we'll go from there.

Mar 15, 2013  • #2
Andrew Barker
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Reviewing the log reminded me that I'm running ClipboardFusion from a network drive on my new machine, rather than the C:. I moved the application into my C:\Users\username folder and now it's working perfectly again!

Thanks for your quick reply ...
Mar 15, 2013  • #3
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Excellent, glad to hear it's working correctly now, and thanks for posting the solution!
Mar 18, 2013  • #4
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