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Zoltan Erdokovy53115
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I've set up the win+alt+Z shortcut to show the pinned items panel. If I click on an item and release the keys then the selection gets pasted then instantly the normal clipboard's contents are pasted as well.
If I select a pinned item by hitting Z multiple times or stepping through items using the cursor keys then after letting go all keys only the pinned item gets pasted. However if I hit ENTER then once again both pinned and normal clipboard items are pasted.
I can not use number keys to select an item because that triggers the standard function of win+alt+1(2, 3...).
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Mar 17, 2018  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
This is a conflict between the one-key navigation and also selecting something using the mouse or enter while still holding the modifier keys.

When one-key navigation is enabled, you would press Win + Alt + Z to paste the first item, or hold Win + Alt and press Z multiple times to navigate down to a different item to paste.

If you're holding the modifiers while clicking something, then it pastes when you click it, and again when you let go (because of the one-key option).

To resolve this, you can either disable one-key navigation, or enable the "Don't select the first item when using One Key Navigation" option in the Advanced Settings. That will allow you to press Win + Alt + Z and have the window stay open if you want to browse it, but still give you the option of also doing the multiple presses to navigate down the list and select something.

Hope that helps!
Mar 20, 2018  • #2
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