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Multiple Pinned Item lists

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A Computer User
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A very useful feature to me would be the ability to have multiple pinned item lists (Basically expanding out this one vertical list horizontally with optional, additional, perhaps individually labeled lists) . This would be useful where you might have one pinned item listed for one program and another for a different program.

Related to that, a convenient way to add bulk pinned items, like through a multi line txt file for instance would be great.

I apologize if perhaps these are somehow already features but looking through the menus as well as searching suggests to me they are not.
Nov 23, 2018 (modified Nov 23, 2018)  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
There isn't currently a feature for pinned item groups/sets, but we have an open feature request for it. I've added your vote.

For importing pinned items from text files, this is possible with a Macro. I will write up an example Macro for you next week
Nov 24, 2018  • #2
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
I've added a Macro to the repository called "Import Text File to Pinned Items." Hopefully that's what you were looking for
Nov 27, 2018  • #3
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I second the ability to add groups or folders that fly out and group pinned items.
Nov 28, 2018  • #4
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Christopher Boyce
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This feature would be very useful for me. The ability to have multiple pinned 'groups' would be awesome.
Jan 9, 2020  • #5
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Michael Kasten
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the ability to organize the files or textes into folders would be great and is already implemented in other clipboard software like textbeast. Possibly ppl who wants a software for using phrases will pay attention to Clipboardfusion when this feature will have been added.
Feb 14, 2020  • #6
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This would be great. Fly out menus with a folder structure (or quasi-folder even, symbolic links for example). But especially useful for Pinned and Online Pinned. Throw in highlighting coloring (e.g. red, blue, gree) and you are really making me happy.

Another thing would be a SystemTray (Windows 10 Pro user here) tooltip that contains an input field. So I can search without any clicks (make it so we can even pin this via a moveable, repositionable inputfield (window) that all the better.

Use case:
Hover over SystemTray (if not pinned open) and Search single line (or be a beast and allow us to decide if we want multiple lines high and the width with a drag enabled option like the main UI) I just then type in and click enter or in the case of multiple vertical lines, Control+Enter will query the active clipboard entries (and if you really want to hit a home run? allows us to search any and all databases saved local drive or on our network).

I have more ideas. But the hard work is up to you fine team members.

Thanks for hearing us out.
22 days ago (modified 22 days ago)  • #7
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Thanks for the feedback! I'll add your vote and comments to the open feature request list

22 days ago  • #8
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Michael Kasten
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Please take a look at Clipmate or Phraseexpress, the ability to create folders in a hierarchical way so u have a good structure for the phrases which are ofently used. This feature combined with the marevelous features of ClipboardFusion would be great.
22 days ago  • #9
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