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Macro which types Alt Codes (Left Alt+Numpad Entries)

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Hi All,
in the past, I have pasted text snippets with Clipboard Fusion – but I ran into instances where pasting did not register e.g. in Notion Tables, run in Chrome. The characters are supported perfectly fine when I type them manually – only bringing them in via clipboard doesn't work in all contexts.

What I want to do is trivial – it does not require pasting stored text-snippets: All I need is quick access to a few Alt-Codes I need to type frequently (Press Left Alt and Type a Number Code on Numblock to create ©®™•♣♥♦ ...).

From checking the forums I know that one can simulate key presses in Macros and I saw some samples posted. Unfortunately, this doesn't quite get me going yet – as I can't code and as I don't know how to "address" the keys in question. Is there maybe a simple way to insert Charmap-Characters built into CF, which I haven't found yet?

If not – have you ever considered adding Recorder-Functionality? It took me literally a minute to record the required clips in other tools. Meanwhile, I have uninstalled them, as it's certainly not clever to run too many little Helper-Apps at system-startup.

This being said – a minute is roughly the amount of time it should take to create such a Macro.

Some concrete samples which would help me:
    Left Alt + Numpad 7
    Left Alt + Numpad 26
    Left Alt + Numpad 0149
Sep 4, 2021 (modified Sep 4, 2021)  • #1
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Meanwhile I could create the desired Hotkeys in Autohotkey.

I was a bit intimidated by that app - but extending the keyboard with special characters indeed is very simple to do. If anyone else has the same need – this article got me started. Hopefully, linking out to an open source tool is in order👋
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Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com

In a ClipboardFusion Macro, you use this line to open a prompt to send keys:


After you type in the "SendKeys" portion, a box should pop up allowing you to select the keys you would like.

Is that what you're looking for?
Sep 8, 2021  • #3
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After you type in the "SendKeys" portion, a box should pop up allowing you to select the keys you would like.
Is that what you're looking for?

Thank you, Owen.
To be honest – I would need far more input. What scripting language to pick? Where to insert the line of code into the template that opens?

I realize that Clipboard Fusion targets users with proper Coding Skills. For such users, basic Macros are likely a No-brainer – the questions I asked would never come up.

While I clearly want to save time with Macros, I would initially have to invest a lot of time. Time to learn operating CF properly. As I already have more than enough to do, learning C# won't happen anytime soon.

Hence, my question, whether CF also offers a way to simply teach the software to repeat actions. Photoshop lets you chain numerous commands and the software repeats what you just did. One even can use the same strategy to teach Industrial robots new work procedures, without code.

No need for you to invest more time to support me further in this concrete case. I have found a super-straightforward way to do what I need in Autohotkey. A single tiny script can hold my growing list of custom keyboard-mappings – this looks like an ideal solution. It at this point looks as if AHK could completely substitute CF, especially as I also run into the Whitespace issue regularly.
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