How to add fixed prefix and suffix text to the clipboard

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According to an example https://img.youtube.com/vi/adKifgtACzY/0.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adKifgtACzY These two links distribute the video link of youtube and the video cover map link of Youtube. I want to know how to add prefix automatically when the clipboard is copied https://img.youtube.com/vi/ And the suffix / 0.jpg, so I just need to copy adkifgtaczy In this part, you can directly use the macro you asked and got to open the clipboard link to quickly get the YouTube video cover you want. Of course, this is just an example

------There are fixed parts in the front. For example, AAAA is a fixed part, and the part I copy to is BBBB. The part that is automatically added with AAAA through macro processing is aaaaabbbb. This automatically adds a text prefix and a suffix. When ccccc copies a DDD, it becomes dddccccc, and the prefix is AAA, and the suffix is eeee. You only need to copy qqqqqq Automatically add the first suffix into aaaqqqqeeeee, which can help me to create a macro script that can automatically add prefix or suffix or both. Thank you
Thank you very much
Please help me
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27 discussion posts
https://www.clipboardfusion.com/Discussions/View/i-need-a-simple-macro/?ID=6460044d-7c23-40e6-a732-6076c377beaf read it all over the forum and found a post from a user with similar needs. The reply in this post has solved the problem. Thanks to the developer and this user
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