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how can i remove all of the text from '&' to the end (after &, randomn)?

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in above url, how can i copy and past befor '&'( after '&', all of it is randomn texts. How can i remove "&*" and past remains(https~ )?
22 days ago  • #1
Thomas Malloch (BFS)'s profile on
I put together a Macro that should work for you. Here's how to get it into ClipboardFusion:

  • Download the file attached to this post
  • Open the ClipboardFusion Settings window
  • On the "Macros" tab, click the "Add" button
  • Copy the code from the file you downloaded in the first step into the window that pops up
  • Give the Macro a name, and you can optionally assign the Macro a HotKey
  • Click OK to close the Macro Edit window, then OK again to save and apply your changes

• Attachment: remove_text_after_first_ampersand.txt [482 bytes]
21 days ago  • #2
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Thank u!! good!!
16 days ago  • #3
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