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1 discussion post
What a nice tool !!

I really like this tool, and it gets used alot during my working hours, but also when i get back home. but i do miss one feature.

I miss that CTS remember my settings even if i restart my computer. eg i dont like to have this message comming up every time it auto scrub my messages. so i need to go in and set it to not show this notification after every computer restart. It could be only mine CTS on my Vista machines, or simply just by design :)

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate
CTS version: 1.3.1

Kind regards.. Ronnie aka Rippie
Aug 20, 2007  • #1
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1 discussion post
Hi. Great tool, and one I'm already recommending to others.

I notice that in the log notes for v1.2.0 :: July 30, 2007
* Removed the “invalid format” message when non-text data is on the clipboard, it was annoying
* Now saves application settings so you don’t have to keep setting it up every time

However, I find that settings are not sticky for me. I suspect this may be a Vista thing, since the prior post noted the same thing. I am using v.1.3.1.

Thanks for your work.
Aug 31, 2007  • #2
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
Very strange - I will have to investigate these issues further. I am running Vista, and the settings seems to stick for me. Do you have UAC turned on or off? Also, do any of the settings get saved, or do they all get reset everytime?

Aug 31, 2007  • #3
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