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CorelDRAW! - pasting works from 4.2, but not from 5.1.1

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I am currently back on 4.2 because I haven't been able to paste scrubbed text successfully from 5.1.1 into CorelDRAW in the ways that I normally would.

I can paste scrubbed text successfully into certain parts of the CorelDRAW user interface, for example, text boxes and combo boxes for specifying numeric values, e.g. font size. Where it doesn't work is where I really need it - when I'm actually trying to paste scrubbed text into "Artistic Text" or "Paragraph Text" (CorelDRAW nomenclature) objects in the drawing.

I currently have installed CorelDRAW versions X3 (copyright 2005), X5, X7, and X8 (copyright 2016). I've tried, and this doesn't work with any of them with 5.1.1, but it's all good with 4.2.

If I copy some text from an application, then successfully paste it "scrubbed" somewhere else using ClipboardFusion, that text can no longer be pasted into "Artistic Text" or "Paragraph Text" objects in CorelDRAW using a normal "paste" command (Ctrl+V). If I click on the "Edit" menu in CorelDRAW, "Paste" is grayed out.

I will comment here that "Artistic Text" and "Paragraph Text" objects are places where, when pasting, if the content on the clipboard has formatting, CorelDRAW will give the user choices about how to handle it (see attached screenshot). If the clipboard contains text copied from a plain text editor, it simply pastes it with no dialog.

This is on a Windows 7 64-bit system.

Any ideas? Other than just sticking with 4.2?
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CorelDRAW paste text.PNG
Oct 27, 2017 (modified Oct 27, 2017)  • #1
Thomas Malloch (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
We were able to reproduce this issue here, and I've added it to our list. We'll be sure to let you know as soon as we're able to fix it up :). We don't currently have a work around for this yet, sorry.

Oct 30, 2017  • #2
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Hello Thomas,

Thank you for checking into this and for letting me know that you were able to reproduce it - and that it has been added to your list.

That sort of responsiveness is refreshing. Thank you!
Nov 6, 2017  • #3
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I'm just following up here to see if there is any news on getting newer versions working with CorelDRAW.

I'm still using 4.2.

I am active in the CorelDRAW user community, and have promoted ClipboardFusion there more than once.

It's not so cool, though, to have to recommend it with the caveat that the prospective user has to seek out and install an old version. Some prospective users are naturally unwilling to make any time investment in trying something if they don't have confidence in the future of the product.
Sep 1, 2018  • #4
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
We have an update on this for you. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it's something we can fix. The issue is due to ClipboardFusion 5.x using a window for the clipboard history instead of a context menu. Opening the window causes CorelDRAW to lose focus, and when that happens, it's no longer ready for text input to be pasted back in when it regains focus.

There are a couple of workarounds you could use:

  • Set the "Quick Clipboard History Select Hotkey" on the Settings > Clipboard History tab, then use that to paste the item instead of using the Clipboard Manager window.
  • On the Settings > Macros tab, you can click "Download premade Macros" button, and try using the "Classic Style History Menu" macro to paste into CorelDRAW instead of the regular Clipboard Manager.

Sorry that I don't have better news for you :(
Nov 30, 2018  • #5
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Hello Keith,

I appreciate you following up on this, but I'm not sure that we are sharing an understanding of the nature of the problem.

The problem is not limited to the Clipboard History window when pasting in CorelDRAW.

The more serious problem is that I can't successfully "paste scrubbed" at all - which I am usually doing by hotkey, not by pulling up the Clipboard History. It doesn't steal the focus from CorelDRAW - it just doesn't paste anything.

I will note, too, that if I have "pasted scrubbed" in some other application, then a normal paste into CorelDRAW will no longer work for the text that is currently on the Clipboard.

That makes me think that it might be something inherent to the content on the Clipboard after scrubbing.

I just tested it again, and it doesn't work with 5.4.1. When I go back to 4.2, I'm back in business.

If you would like me to try anything else, then please let me know.

I'm relatively active in the CorelDRAW world, and would love to be able to recommend Clipboardfusion "without reservation". As it is now, I have to add the caveat that they need to use an old version.
Nov 30, 2018  • #6
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Ok, thanks for the update! I will pass it along to our devs again for another review.
Nov 30, 2018  • #7
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