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Hello! As the title says, I'm trying to take a plain text copy and turn it into rich text.

My use case is I'd like to take a URL and convert it into a rich text hyperlink with my own text. IE if I'm in MS Teams have it paste a hyperlink to that URL with the web page title so it's more appealing and more descriptive before the recipient clicks it. From prior experience this just looks like HTML, so this URL...

... Becomes this.

<a href=>Beating Dark Souls with Mathematically Optimized DPS - YouTube</a>

However I can't work out how to switch the copy I have from plain text to rich text. And when I paste it it just comes out as raw HTML. There's some signal missing to say "this should turn into rich text" and I can't work out how to do that.

I have gotten around this before in Javascript, however that doesn't give me the general solution I'd like to achieve with Clipboard Fusion. See this Stack Overflow link for an example of how that looks. Note especially that it saves two copies to the clipboard, a plain text value and a rich text value (referred to as "text/plain" and "text/html") so wherever it's pasted can just receive the version it wants.

I already have a macro using C# to fetch the page title from a URL, so that is no problem.

Thanks in advance
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