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ClipboardFusion + Adobe Illustrator

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Hi there,

I love CF, but one thing bothers me so much, that I am about to leave this piece of wonderful software:

I use Adobe Illustrator (Ai) on daily basis. When copying something in Ai to clipboard, it takes a significant amount of time. Usually Ctrl + C in Ai happens immediately. When CF is running, Ctrl + C in Ai freezes the Ai for several seconds. (I assume, that this lag is due to copying the SVG into CF database.) OK then, it is convenient to have Ai + CF work together, but not with this lag.

So I went to Settings and added Illustrator.exe to the Ignored Apps. But — and this is the reason I am writing to this forum — the lagging still remains even I the Ai was excluded.

So I would like to ask for help: How to exclude Ai from being connected with CF, except quitting the FC.

Thank you in advance!
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Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
That's an interesting issue, let us investigate it and get back to you. That shouldn't be happening if it's on the compatibility list.
17 days ago  • #2
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