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Clipboard Text Scrubber

Have you ever copied and pasted text from a webpage, or anywhere else, into a document or email... only to have it retain it's crazy formatting? Well, I got sick of that, and I got tired of pasting into notepad and copying again to scrub the text clean of formatting. That's why I whipped up the Clipboard Text Scrubber. It runs in the system tray and monitors the clipboard for text. If it finds any it scrubs the formatting from it, leaving you with good old unformatted text. It can run in automatic mode or manual mode, and has a couple other clipboard related features as well.

It's worth the 300 KB download - take a look today!

Feb 28, 2007  • #1
Andrew M
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Awesome man! I do this all the time but I never imagined to eliminate that step /w a utility!
Mar 7, 2007  • #2
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does this work on Vista?
Jun 19, 2007  • #3
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