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Clipboard Text Scrubber v1.2.1 Released

After over a month with no new release of Clipboard Text Scrubber I decided that last night and tonight I should focus on it, to clear up some outstanding issues. Here's a quick rundown on the wholesome goodness included in the 1.2.1 release:

  • Double-clicking on the system tray icon scrubs the text on the clipboard
  • Removed the "invalid format" message when non-text data is on the clipboard, it was annoying
  • Now saves application settings so you don't have to keep setting it up every time
  • New application icons
  • Significant memory usage reduction
  • Provides HTML scrubbing - this will remove any HTML tags from your clipboard
  • Setup now detects whether you need to install the .NET Framework 2.0 and will open a download page automatically

Wow, looks and sounds good to me! Take a peek today.

Jul 31, 2007  • #1
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