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Clipboard Listener/Viewer compatibility option (AutoHotkey/DragKing - CF 5.0-b6e)

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When adding/copying several text snippets with the AHK-based application 'DragKing' every forth or fifth time nothing is added to the clipboard history, though when this happens it's actually possible to paste the last copied text (with Ctrl+V), which then is still not displayed in history list. In ClipboardFusion v4.2 everything works fine, no matter how fast or how much text is copied with DragKing.

Also 'Ignore the "Clipboard Viewer Ignore" format' option is required to receive anything from DragKing at all. 'Ignore Clipboard changes if they occur faster than:' is set to minimum (50ms). Already tried different changes in the 'Advanced Settings' without success.

Since DragKing is kinda outdated, a regularly compiled AHK-script was found as alternative workaround, yet not a simple one, if you don't know much about the scripting language. Perhaps there is another way to run the 'Clipboard Listener' the same way as it is in the current stable program version of CF.
Jul 15, 2017  • #1
Thomas Malloch (BFS)'s profile on
We've made some improvements to the way ClipboardFusion interacts with the Clipboard in the newest beta. Are you still experiencing problems with it? You can find the newest beta here:
Aug 9, 2017  • #2
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