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Can you replace the duplicate content in the clipboard?

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Can you replace the duplicate content in the clipboard?

This is what I use

Visual Novel Reader
Software to play Japanese beautiful girl love games for machine translation

However, the game text extracted by some games will be repeated

And the working principle of this software is to copy the text extracted from the game to the clipboard
Translation software reads the text of the clipboard for machine translation

All will go through the clipboard
So, can our clipboard tool change the obtained repeated text into non-repeated text?

For example

The extracted is 縁りて此の叶は红に 縁りて此の叶は红に
This repeated text can
Through our tools, 縁りて此の叶は红 {に縁りて此の叶は红に}
Can I replace this repeated part?
Please help me

Thank you

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It means you can judge whether the text in the clipboard is repeated

If the whole sentence is repeated, scrub the repeated part
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Thomas Malloch (BFS)'s profile on
This should be possible with a Trigger. Here's how to set it up:

  • Download the .cfmacro file attached to this post
  • Open the ClipboardFusion Settings window to the "Macros" tab
  • Click "Import" and select the file you downloaded in the first step
  • Optionally review the code/rename it and click OK
  • Click "Apply" to save the Macro
  • Browse to the "Triggers" tab
  • Select Add > Trigger
  • Change the event to "Clipboard Changed"
  • Disable "Process this Trigger if the Clipboard contains filenames"
  • Enable "Clipboard Text" and change the dropdown to "Regular Expression"
  • Copy this text below into the "Clipboard Text" textbox:
  • ([^\s]+)\s*\1
  • Click Add > Run Macro
  • Select the Macro you added earlier
  • Click OK on all open ClipboardFusion Settings windows to save and apply your changes

I've also attached a screenshot of what the Trigger window should look like after setting it up. You can also make it only fire when text from your game gets copied by enabling the "Process Filename" and selecting your game.

• Attachment: Repeating Text Fix.cfmacro [6,528 bytes]
• Attachment: trigger_duplicate_text_fix.png [62,376 bytes]
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