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BUG: no more than 11 allowed in Online Recent and Online Pinned tabs

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Online Recent and Online Pinned tabs do not hold more than 11 items. If I add new one, existing oldest item disappears from the list. If I remove an item, existing one from the cloud appears to take its place.
This behavior seem not to affect security of my saved items in BFS cloud, and I can see full list (more than 80 saved items in my case) in the new iOS app and in My Account page online.
This strange behavior causes inconvenience, please fix.
Thank you
Oct 27, 2017  • #1
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Hey Dmiitry,
Hmm that's weird. I get more than 11 items in the online recent list. Here is a screenshot of the result:

Can you kindly check one setting. Look at the pic below:

Oct 27, 2017 (modified Oct 27, 2017)  • #2
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Yes, UWK-87, you are right: I overlooked this important setting. Now it shows more Online items. You have saved me from 3 days of frustration, thank you!
Still, ClipboardFusion doesn't allow me to enter number more than maximum 75 in either online recent or online pinned settings.
BFS, why do we need such a limit? Are you not confident of your cloud capacity to show all my Online items? If I have 2 thousand items I want to see them all. Anyway, it is only text, you still don't let me store images on the cloud. Most importantly I want to be able to search through all my online items, but seems not being able to do so because of this 75 limit.
Can you please remove 75 limit and introduce 'All' setting?
Oct 28, 2017  • #3
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You are quite welcome Dmiitry.
Even I was thinking the same thing. I had an idea that I was going to request the CF team for. The idea is to integrate CF with dropbox/onedrive so we are no longer dependent on the CF server. This way we can have our own private cloud CF server. Furthermore, with this they can allow images to be saved on the cloud as well since we are no longer bound by their server's limitation. Furthermore, this will allow CF to bypass the 75 items limits for online recent items as well. Keith & Thomas, is this something possible or planned?
Secondly, just a workaround. What happens if we create the CF database folder in dropbox and let all the CF installed (on other computers) point to this location. Will this work or will they create a conflict? What do you think Keith/Thomas?
Oct 28, 2017  • #4
Thomas Malloch (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
This isn't really supported, and could cause a conflict if the two applications try to read and write to the file.

Although, if you make sure that there is only one application reading and writing at a time (ie, you exit CF on one computer and wait for Dropbox to sync before starting it on the other) there shouldn't be a problem.

I'll add your idea to integrate with Dropbox/OneDrive to our feature list, and let you know if we're able to implement it

Oct 30, 2017  • #5
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Hi Thomas,
Thanks for the clarification and also for looking into dropbox/onedrive integration. Hopefully it will get implemented. Will look forward to having this implemented !!
Thanks Thomas
Oct 30, 2017 (modified Oct 30, 2017)  • #6
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Hi Thomas/Keith,
Any update for the dropbox/onedrive integration? Any step in that direction?
Jul 12, 2018  • #7
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Unfortunately this will be a future task, probably not this year or next. ClipboardFusion isn't really designed to have it's database shared, it's designed to use our server as the connection in the middle.
Jul 12, 2018  • #8
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oh , that's sad to hear that it wont be implemented even next year.
The reason this would be helpful is because of the following:
  • Our copy data will secure and private since it will be on our own onedrive/dropbox
  • There will be no limit to uploading i.e. Online recent instead of showing just 75 it could show 1000(s)
  • We could even sync images in online recent
  • The biggest advantage for you guys will be no need to maintain central server and I am sure that will be huge cost savings.
I certainly wish/request that you re-visit the plan to implement this earlier.
Jul 22, 2018  • #9
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