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Android App - Not syncing - Reason I bought the Pro app version

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I've developed Android applications and have some in the Google Play store. So I know it takes time. But I just saw the last update for the Android app was 2013.

I just tried to Sync (Refresh) on my Android 7, Note 5 phone. Nothing. Neither way. Windows 10 Pro to Android 7, and vice-versa.

That's a show-stopper defect.

Also, please make sure your broadcast/listener code is setup properly (or setup in the first place).

I'm pleased with the Windows 10 Pro version. I have used clipboard extenders like this for almost 20 years. Your's fits all the needs I have.

But your Android app really does not shine well on your company. I understand limited bandwidth to do the entire life cycle application development (especially with a small team) impacts features and defect updates. But I think four years later though and asking for an Android update is not too much to ask.

If you have an update in the works, please share that good news.

Hopefully you can get the Android app up to closer to a 1:1 ratio to the Desktop application. But make sure at least the Sync (Refresh) works one hundred percent of the time.

Thanks for hearing me.

Tip! Also to Refresh, add a pull down on Clip's screen to refresh. That's a popular pattern in Android apps.

Thanks you again!


When I use the Sync feature from my logged in account, the Keep Clipboard Manager open after losing focus option does not function properly. My workflow is to click off on the desktop or a title bar in an open browser or computer application, etc., to close a clipboard manager. That works, until I Sync the client to my online account. Can you review that when you get some time?

Windows 10 Pro
Nov 12, 2017 (modified Nov 12, 2017)  • #1
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FYI today,

Somewhere along the lines it started working, including the main UI for the clipboard entries. I was syncing Online Recent and Online Pinned. Somewhere on the Pinned way of syncing these issues cleared up.

Not sure. I'm not sure what the replication procedures are. But, I hope this helps. I then noticed the app updating properly on the Android side.

Nov 13, 2017  • #2
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Thanks for the update! When I tested yesterday, syncing was working correctly for me as well. If you run into trouble again, please let us know!

We're hoping to do a big update to the mobile app for ClipboardFusion 6.0
Nov 14, 2017  • #3
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