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5.8 (Beta 1) issue - Scrubbed text not getting added back on the clipboard

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Leon André Bergman
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After updating to 5.8 (Beta 1) my macro isn't behaving like it should.

I have it set to copy a text, then scrub this text, and paste it.


The double copy command triggers a scrub of the text. Although, thinking about it now, I could replace that with BFS.ClipboardFusion.RunTriggers, but that's besides the point right now.

It doesn't paste the resulting text. A CTRL+V shows that there is nothing to paste on my clipboard, but when I open the clipboard history of ClipboardFusion, the scrubbed text is at the top of the list.
10 days ago  • #1
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Leon André Bergman
60 discussion posts
Okay. Not sure what happened, but after writing this post, it has started working. I did test it several times during writing the post even. Maybe something happened when I opened the macro, looked at it, and saved it.

Edit: Actually. It is still happening with a, so far, unpredictable pattern.
10 days ago (modified 10 days ago)  • #2
Thomas Malloch (BFS)'s profile on

In our current beta we've made a lot of changes to the way scripting works in the back end, as well as being a bit more strict about how ClipboardFusion can trigger its Triggers.

It looks like you're trying to invoke the double copy command by just copying twice, but this might be happening too quickly for ClipboardFusion to count it as two separate events, or since you're waiting 300ms for the scrubbing to happen, the Triggers might not even be finished running.

I think that if you intend to run the Triggers, you should use the "BFS.ClipboardFusion.RunTriggers" function. It runs the Triggers without any hassle, and it also waits for them to finish running before it continues the rest of the code in your Macro.

9 days ago (modified 9 days ago)  • #3
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Leon André Bergman
60 discussion posts
I will update to the command instead of running 2 copy commands, but, as evidenced by the cbfusion clipboard history, I can confirm that it has copied and ran the trigger, as the expected output is there. it just hasnt set it to the windows clipboard, ready for pasting.
9 days ago  • #4
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