ClipboardFusion Beta Change Log

v5.3 (Beta 2) • January 15, 2018

  • Change: When deleting an item with Shift+Delete, ClipboardFusion will now automatically select the next item in the Clipboard Manager
  • Change: Push Service improvements
  • Fix: The trigger command "Enabled Except on Double Copy" will now work correctly when copying text with a context menu
  • Fix: The ClipboardFusion database will now automatically trim itself to reduce its file size
  • Fix: General fixes and improvements

v5.3 (Beta 1) • December 13, 2017

  • Change: All online items are now synced instantly using realtime push syncing
  • Change: Syncing improvements
  • Fix: You can now delete Macros from the Clipboard Manager
  • Fix: ClipboardFusion will now properly handle text with over 5000 characters
  • Fix: ClipboardFusion will now properly clear its cache files
  • Fix: Tray Item Menus will now display ampersand (&) characters properly
  • Fix: Tray History Menu will now be trimmed properly
  • Fix: Minor improvements and bug fixes
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