ClipboardFusion Beta Change Log

v6.0 (Beta 2) • March 30, 2022

  • Fix: Resolved an issue with script compiling on some systems
  • Fix: Settings button in Clipboard Manager window can no longer open multiple instances of the Settings window
  • Fix: Tab key will now move correctly between Clipboard Manager lists, and the buttons and filter field below the list
  • Fix: No longer a delay when pasting sometimes

v6.0 (Beta 1) • March 25, 2022

  • Change: Upgraded to .NET 6 framework (OS support is now Win7-SP1 and higher except these versions of Windows which are not able to run .NET 6: 8.0, Win10-1507(RTM), Win10-1511)
  • Change: Added a Theme option (Dark or Light Mode)
  • Fix: Improved CPU usage, no longer re-compiling Macros on every sync
  • Fix: No longer causes issues with Affinity Photo Editor
  • Fix: Resolved a delayed paste when "Keep Clipboard Manager open" is disabled
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where some settings were missed when doing "Restore Settings"
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where online items were not showing in the Clipboard Manager on some systems
  • Fix: Resolved an issue with the highlight colour in the Clipboard Manager